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     Claim To Fame Man

Blueflint - Scottish Folk Band. The Band supported The Proclaimers on the 'Like comedy 'tour' and proved to be a formidable act. They were total professional (no swearing ) and really polite and unassuming. They deserve all the success they get. I met Dan Hart (Is this a relative of Tim Hart I ask myself ?) after the show as he was handing out publicity leaflets and had a quick chat. I complimented his excellent USA style fiddle playing. My only complaint tonight was yet another example of the 'go to facebook' mentality to win a goody bag, thus excluding me from the weekly prize draw. Surely with their excellent Web site they don't need this social networking. When I challenged Dan Hart on this his response was 95% of the audience are on Facebook.I am proud to be in the 5% who refuses to do as I am told by the massess. As The Kinks once sang 'I'm not like everybody else' Look out for Blueflint.......a top band in the making.

Paul Bowles. Professional footballer with Crewe Alexander and cousin of Stan Bowles,Manchester City and QPR played in my school team when I was captain. He also visited our school to do some coaching as a member of the Manchester United Sport in the Community Programme.

Lee Bracey - (Goalkeeper,Bury FC, Ipswich Town and Halifax to name but a few) I was assistant referee for many a game with Lee Bracey in goal but one game in particular gave me a bit of notoriety. It was a pre-season friendly between Radcliffe Boro and Bury. During a long injury the ball ended up close to me and was not recovered during the delay. Normally assistants are not allowed to kick the ball as it is against protocol. On this occasion being a friendly and there was no assessor, I was asked by the Bury keeper to kick it back to him. I belted the ball towards him but over hit it purely by accident , and, as the ball floated over his head I got a big cheer. As it was 25 minutes into a 0-0 the crowd were pleased to see the ball hit the back of the net. So I have scored a goal against a professional keeper, except it didn't count of course.

Billy Bremner - The Luvvers, Rockpile and The Rutles Guitar player. Met Billy at the Neil Innes Concert in Bury.Got the ticket signed and had a chat with him about Rockpile and meeting Barry Wom. Not to be confused with the legendary Leeds United Footballer of whom I have no claim to fame. I did ref once at The Leeds Training ground though so do have a Leeds connection and saw the Who at The O2 Festival in Leeds.

Bridgewater Hall, Manchester-The Home of the Halle was also the venue for Stockport Schools’ celebrate the Millennium. I took the stage with a 20 piece band and played a 10 minute set including the 'Digital Mobile Phone Number ' Glenn Miller spoof which got a few laughs and a comment in the authorities music magazine suggesting I gave a performance of irreverence and wit. I certainly took the pomp out of the circumstance. Nothing new on that score. The laughs came when we had a live mobile instead of the traditional phone ring. The melody was basically an upside down version of Pennsylvania 6,5000 but we capped it off with Stockport 6,5000. That evening was one of the highlights of my extinguished career.