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     Claim To Fame Man

Goerge Best The picture is taken from a Swedish newspaper and is in the public domain.

Alan Beswick the Radio and TV presenter introduced The Holy Cross Folk Group at Preston Guildhall as part of a Banardos Charity Concert and couldn't resist making reference to actor Len Fairclough, my namesake. This concert was video'd which was a novelty at the time. In fact Dixon's had to duplicate the tapes as they were not yet in every household. We bought our first VHS recorder at £600 shortly after this and it cost 3 times more than the average machine, but it did have editing, stereo and many other advanced features. I used this machine to edit many of my early films using crash editing techniques and audio dubs.Despite the quality of the machine these features were hard to get until the PC opened up a new world of video making.

Josh Blinkhorn - Stalwart member of The Huddersfield Music Scene (HMS). Sound engineer and Singer Songwriter. Supported The Beautiful South. I shared a table with Josh at Geoff and Marjorie's Ruby Wedding., i.e. Josh's parents and my record collecting aficionado and former work colleague. I'll never forget my first staff match as a teacher. I scored a cracking header in the kick about and Geoff said I'd turn a few heads. Ten minutes into the game I scored a cracking own goal with my head as I tried to intercept a cross. I shouted to Geoff 'What 'were you saying about turning heads' to which he replied 'That will turn them back again'. For those that don't know about these games it was a football, cricket or rugby match in which the pupils played the staff. It took place in the good old days before Health and Safety took over. Mind you it was a good opportunity for teachers to get their own back on the young ruffians and let's be honest, a few pupils got their own back aswell with the odd 'Chopper Harris' tackle but everyone shook hands at the end.Where did it all go wrong ?

David Blott - My college Lecturer built the Talbott Vidd (Anagram of his name) Harpsichords and also stood in for an Eastern Block State Orchestra to sight read the Four Seasons from figured Bass at about two hours notice. He was highly praised for his musicianship.He was also instrumental in founding the Lancashire Chamber Orchestra and also played in the Manchester Camerata. Researching further I have found out that David Blott was once organist at Wimbourne Minster, the burial place of King Ethelred of Wessex. He was also co-founder of the prestigious "The Archbishop Of Wales' Award For Church Music" (A.W.A.C.M.) He certainly inspired me although if he found out we played 12 bar blues on the college Harpsichord I think he would have gone beserk. Incidentally, the word Beserk comes from the Vikings whose invaders were led out of the ships by the Beserkers who were basically Mad Blokes who went in first to scare the opposition, hence going beserk. (See King Ethelred in Near Misses and Tenuous Links Section).