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     Claim To Fame Man

Barclay James Harvest (through th eyes of John Lees) - Many years ago I made a guest appearance as vocalist with the Breeze Hill Rockband. Bassist that day was Craig Fletcher who went on to be a member of Barclay James Harvest. Craig also played in my 1st X1 football team when we historically defeated Blue Coat coming back from 3-0 to win 4-3 with 10 men (not a sending off, it's all we could get) when they were top of the league and we'd not won all season. I also taught his brother Simon, or at least 'tried to' (as Simon himself phrased it). Simon contacted me via e mail to remind me of those great days . Well done, I'm suitably proud of this claim to fame. I may pop along next time the band are in Manchester. Watch this space as they say..............16/11/2013. Well the space has been watched and last night I went along to the Holmfirth Picturedrome and witnessed an amazing double bill concert for a real value for money £20. (See Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman). I finally met up with Craig Fletcher , his Mum and brother Simon and we had a good chat about old times. I also had a chat with the Band's photographers Ron and Kate Russell . Ron kindly tipped off Craig I was in the audience and a real claim to fame moment came at the end of the gig when Craig handed over the 'Set List' to some random bloke on thr front row. I think it was intended for me but people don't realise when you are on stage you cannot often see the audience because of the lighting. Anyway I'm delighted for random bloke because he probably didn't have the honour of personally knowing the band member. I also met a guitarist in the audience, Ian Alexander, who sings for, and with the band in the pub before gigs and is a good friend of theirs. He was a really nice guy, despite me knocking his guitar over, and along with everyone else at the gig stood out as a really great bunch of dedicated fans. As Claim To Fame man I get around to lots of events and this particular following were top drawer along with the excellent entertainment provided by all the musicians. Of course I also managed to get the autographed 'North' CD with Craig and John Lees (also formerly of Breeze Hill School) on. Hopefully I will get along to other gigs in the future. Final note - the band ended the evening with 'Hymn' and I don't think I have ever seen a concert before with such a fitting finale. Despite all the accolades bestowed on these great men and women, and even animals (Red Rum and the PG chimps are mentioned elsewhere) we have to remember the higher presence and this concert finished in such a fitting way. Certainly a night to remember.

Stan Barker (Jazz Musician) - Worked with Stan as part of a Jazz College course for teachers and later pupils. See also Digby Fairweather. It was a great thrill for me when I got a Jazz mans 'Yeh' after a solo.

Irma Barlow, daughter of Hilda Ogden from Coronation Street.She was the first famous person I ever met. I got her autograph at a charity Football Match in Crumpsall. Can't find it after all these years. Real name was Sandra Gough.

Peter Barnes (England International Footballer) came to our school Christmas concert and had a chat afterwards.He returned at a later date to present the school with it's first football kit. I was team manager. Nice man.

Beat Fiction– I have had the job of driving round the band's gear and handing out the collectable badges. I was personally thanked on stage at one of the gig's and got a mention in a North West band review as the driving Dad.(My son being the drummer) This section will be updated when the Band EP launch has taken place. Remember the last time I carried gear was for the Buzzcocks so maybe an omen here. You can catch up with Beat Fiction on You Tube and Plainsounds websites.In April 2012 Beat Fiction held the top spot in The Unsigned charts for 5 weeks and remained in the charts longer than any other band at that time.The Band's second download also reached Number One for 3 weeks in the unsigned chart.