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Badly Drawn Boy - See Dave Verner.

Kenny Ball-(22 May 1930 – 7 March 2013) (See also Tenuous Links) I wrote to Kenny Ball's management in my capacity of Claim To Fame Man and they agreed to let me meet him personally to enhance my Claims. Sadly Kenny was unable to perform at The Three B's Concert due to illness and he died shortly afterwards. I was fortunate enough to meet his son Keith who did a superb job pacifying an audience who had come to see Kenny. Despite Kenny's absence the band and Kenny's son put on a great show and everybody went away satisfied despite the obvious disappointment.When I heard the news of Kenny's passing a few weeks later I knew that he would live on through his Music and I hope the band can continue to keep the name alive of a truly great professional. Wishing Keith Ball's Jazzmen every success with the tribute shows and thanks to Keith for your own input.

Dennis Bamforth (1935-2005) - Maybe not a household name but in the field of Recorders he was a national institution. Along with my college lecturer Colin Martin, he founded a variety of recorder Orchestras and schools for recorders aswell as being an accomplished teacher.I met him on several ocassions at a variety of concerts and he even examined me as a performer and as a festival adjudicator. A man of great warmth and humour who will be sorely missed in the recorder world. He left a great legacy. see http://www.srp.org.uk/obituaries/bamforthobit.htm

Chris Barber (and his Jazzmen) gave a concert at a school in Warrington in the early 1990's.The music teacher used some of his retirement lump sum to personally book him. The deal included taking Chris out to Lunch and a concert at the school as a good buy present for the children. To assist with costs he opened it up to other schools in the area and only charged £1 per pupil. What a gesture from a dedicated fan.I managed to have a chat at the event about education and got my ticket signed aswell. It was certainly a great show and well adapted for an educational visit introducing many young people to the world of Jazz.Chris had previously worked with Lonnie Donegan who was a former pupil of Ambrose College in Hale Barnes where I was once interviewed. Saw Chris many years later at The Three B's Concert but declined a chat as I thought it only fair to let people who had not yet achieved a Claim To Fame to meet the great man.