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     Claim To Fame Man

Anglo American and World Recession Blues. This was the song I recorded with Sarah Lemieux which went on sale as a download. It was later turned into a slide show for you tube. www.myspace.com/angloamericanblues or www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEKQT02FuZ8

Anfield Home of Liverpool F.C.  I was assistant referee for a Cup Final there as assistant referee in an E.S.F.A. under 19 Inter County Game. That tunnel is really narrow but to walk down it was a real thrill even if the large crowd for the preceding Under 14 Final had gone home leaving only about 600 for our Under 19 game. Funny how parents lose interest when they get older. Eating a nice meal in the banqueting Suite added to the excitement of a great day out.

Assistant Referee - The term Assistant Referee was introduced in 1996 and The Hospital Cup Final (or Westhoughton Charity Cup) was played on the same day as the F.A. Charity Shield kicking off 2 hours earlier. I was an assistant referee in that game and therefore claim (alphabetical order prevailing) to be the Nation's First Assistant Referee and certainly the first to receive a medal with that inscription as they called us up in alphabetical order. This is probably a fact unknown to even The F.A. until this amazing revelation. Of course I am not editing this into Wikipedia as they have already removed my other entries on the grounds that I am not important or famous enough. When they finally acknowledge my status I will refuse publication to teach them a lesson.

John Aston. I managed to get the autographs of both John Aston Senior and Junior on the same page of an autograph book. I lived near The Cliff Training Ground and John Aston senior pointed me towards his son and said he would be famous one day. He certainly got that right. John Aston senior played for Manchester United and his son played for Manchester United most notably in the 1968 European Cup Final when they defeated  Benfica 4-1. The autographs were recently traded with Andrew Henderson of www.tradingnothing.com  Thinking back that was the first Football autograph I ever collected.

Aston Villa - I once refereed Aston Villa's first team kit in a Sunday Pub game. How it went from Villa Park on Saturday and returned by Monday morning is a secret between the laundry department and the amateur teams' manager, who just happened to be a nephew of someone who didn't mind pulling a fast one. Sunday press missed that one but what a scoop for me. They will have to keep an 'iron it' in future. I believe it was returned quite quickly because they had a pressing engagement.