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     Claim To Fame Man

Piers Adams - One of the greatest recorder players in the world. He gave a concert in Liverpool and I took a school party. I was taken aback by the sheer genius and had never seen, previously, a recorder technician of this ability. I Managed to buy one of his CD's after the show and pass on my brief opinions. The CD turned out to be one of the best I have used for calming children with Autism. Titled, 'The English Nightingale' if anyone else wants to take up the recommendation.

Monsignor Thomas Adamson - (Not to be confused with an American namesake priest of ill repute) - Father Thomas Adamson (UK) was the Papal Secretary and my second cousin. He was also listed in Who's Who due to his high profile role in the Catholic Church in England. Such is my catholic heritage that his sister was a Nun. My father was a telephone engineer. Just as well really !

Ian Alexander - (Guitarist/Singer) - See Barclay James Harvest.

Arthur Albiston (MUFC) I cautioned his son in a Lancashire Amateur League game.I only realized afterwards when it was pointed out to me. Had I have known who he was I would have still given him the yellow card. Unbiased is an important quality of a referee.

John Allison of the Allisons (Not real Brothers) recorded one of my Dad's songs as a demo. The Allisons were chart toppers who also represented the UK in the Eurovision song contest in 1961 and had a Number One hit with 'Are You Sure'. I'd love to know what these white label EMI acetates would be worth today especially when done by a relatively big name.

Sir James Anderton - Chief of Greater Manchester Police. Anderton frequently courted public controversy with his outspoken views on policing and morality. As a professed Christian who claimed to speak with God regularly and who characterized himself to be an instrument of divine Judgement. Anderton came to be known as "God's copper". I met 'Jim' at Holy Cross Chorley when he was guest speaker at certificates evening. I deliberately put 'Litany for All Souls Day' (Schubert) into the programme because of its religious connotations but was pleasantly surprised when he slapped his thighs with enthusiasm during my own composition 'Ribchester Swing' and later told me how much he enjoyed it without reference to the Schubert. That said, I found him to be a really nice guy who was misunderstood and misinterpreted by a media that enjoys a pot at Christianity. I also had a chat with his chauffer. ‘Ribchester Swing’ incidentally was inspired by a children's swing in a park at Ribchester which Squeeked a sequence in tune of a chord so I used it to create the piece which was naturally in the swing genre. The Tune can be heard on my you tube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bO9Hr0lclYY