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Claims To Fame   A

Welcome to the site :

I got the nickname Claim to Fame Man for all my strange claims and decided to develop the concept. - Everything listed is strange but true and comes mainly from my Music Career as a teacher, songwriter and performer and my Football Career as an amateur player and as a referee/Linesman/Assistant Referee/Fourth Official. I am effectively famous for not being famous. Book publishers are welcome to get in touch and an agent would be useful. I am more than happy to travel the country (but not abroad as I don't have a passport) signing copies when it is published and making after dinner speeches at a quarter the price of a celebrity. In fact I'll do it free for a good meal and travel expenses at the standard AA rate. Oh! and a coned parking space. I'll not bother about a specially painted room in the colors of my choice and I will eat the meals among the people enhancing their experience of dining with a neo-star.

“Dreaming about being an actress, is more exciting than being one.” (Marilyn Munroe)

''It is better to travel with your feet on the ground than to arrive with your head in the clouds'' (P.M.Adamson)

A         Accrington Stanley F.C. Not only have I lined at the famous club on two occasions but Highly Strung (my folk band) did a gig at the social club, so I have actually played at Accrington Stanley. I was also assistant for Accrington at Nelson in a pre-season friendly and when I pointed out I'd played at Accrington the manager was intrigued until I told him the truth. Following a disputed decision he promptly said 'you wont be playing there again'. I even got as far as refereeing them for 20 minutes in a pre- season friendly at Rossendale United when the referee thought we should all rotate as a seasons warm up.

(Picture courtesy of Robert Wade from Wikimedia Commons.)

Acorn User Magazine. Many of my tunes were published in Acorn User magazine where I was simply called Mr.Adamson, although one issue said I was the nation’s favourite music teacher. I also got a mention in the very last Star Info issue as one of the best contributors. The Files have also appeared on CD Roms and Floppy Discs. That was back in the days when you didn't have to keep switching computers off and on again to solve problems. It was a sad day for me when Acorns were gradually replaced and I take my proverbial hat off to all those enthusiasts who battled on to keep those great machines alive. In the final analysis the success of a product is not its quality but its marketing and maybe Bill Gates had the upper hand there. On that note I think John Cartmell of the Magazine 'Qercus' deserves a mention as he was one of those Acorn enthusiasts who kept the magazine going albeit under a new name. I worked with John as a colleague in my capacity as a teacher and his enthusiasm for all things Acorn shone through at a time when they were top dog.