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     Claim To Fame Man

British Broadcasting Corporation. I appeared in the audience on The Big Questions with Nicky Cambell who gave me a chance to speak, Terry Christian, the great northern bloke, who I managed to give a CD to after the show and Dame Ann Leslie, who I didn't get to speak to were guest panelists. I was on throughout the show but only spoke briefly but this was at least National TV and gave me the set of the 3 biggies (BBC 1,2 and ITV) A great experience. (Live broadcast on 19/7/09). I also attended a Radio 4 show but stepped down to allow my Daughter a chance to speak.She did well representing the young and got the round of applause approval for her bit, which did mention her Dad.

BBC 3 - Well what a surprise. One night my son was casually watching BBC 3 on Freeview when a programme called 'Secrets of Super Brands' came on. The programme involved interviewing children at Beaver Road Primary School in Didsbury, Manchester. During a pan shot of the school corrider he realised the noticeboard in the background was one that he had helped make and put up in his role as apprentice joiner. Surely when his own business develops he can advertise 'As seen on TV'.

Brooke Bond - See PG Tips (M-S) Not the first time I made a chimp of myself. Please note that Brooke is not related to James.See Also Mark Knowler under F-L)

Broughton Cricket Club (Salford) Broughton CC is one of the oldest cricket clubs in the world. A game held in 1851 between the North and South was followed by Lancashire games and England games including appearances by W.G.Grace one of the greatest cricketers of all time. The Club played in the Manchester Association for many years and I represented the club on many occasions. Sadly the attached Rugby Club eventually got the upper hand and Broughton CC eventually folded although cricket games have still been held there over the years. Broughton played Lancashire in a celebration match to mark 150 years of the club. The history of the club is sparce and even wikipedia has limited info so research is needed for this once great club. It is believed that W.G. Grace autographed a wooden table at the Club but it's whereabouts are shrouded in mystery, probably because someone nicked it. If it appears on E bay rest assured it belongs to Broughton Cricket Club. I wouldn't be surprised if a few old score books exist as well but may well have gone at the time the club folded. I will keep on the lookout in case they surface at a car boot sale in the area. I had two cricketing claims to fame at Broughton. Possibly the worst batsmen at the club (despite opening for the school team) where I had more royal ducks than the Queen. One day I went out to bat and not only survived the first ball but scored four consecutive boundaries before there were no more deliveries left in the 20 over innings. 16 of course was not enough to catch the oppositions 92 but I did my best. My other Broughton Claim to Fame was leg spin bowling, getting 3-18 in one over at Hyde C.C. Now there cannot be many cricketers that have achieved that. I also held the school bowling record of 8 for 8 and actually dropped two caught and bowled opportunities so never achieved a Jim Laker trick of all 10 wickets. He actually took all 19 in one celebrated game at Old Trafford in 1956.

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